Nanhai District People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Foshan city

“Mr. Hinov had dedicated himself to the cultural exchange between China and Bulgaria. He was deeply in love with Nanhai and has built up a bridge between Nanhai and Sevlievo. With his strong support, Nanhai and Sevlievo successfully established the friendly-city relationship in 2021. Mr. Hinov once served in Nanhai’s middile school, and we know he was so versatile. He was passionate about Chinese culture, taking the lead in translating Chinese classics into Bulgarian, such as Dream of the Red Chamber, Life and Death are Wearing Me Out, etc. Mr. Hinov has contributed enormously to the exchange between our two nations, the friendly city career between Nanhai and Sevlievo, as well as Nanhai’s education, hence, he definitely is the embassador for the exchange between our two cities, and will always be highly respected, appriciated and remembered by Nanhai citizens, teachers and students.”